Hemingway's HOT Havana


Brian Gordon Sinclair is Hemingway in HOT Havana - on a cold December night - in Toronto.


Saturday, December 22, @ 7:00pm at the renowned Royal Theatre 608 College Street Toronto.


All Tickets $25.  All ages event.

A Benefit Performance - proceeds to the Cuban Hurricane Relief fund of the Canadian Network on Cuba.  www.CanadianNetworkOnCuba.caBrian Gordon Sinclair has donated his performance and festivalXpress, The Royal Theatre and TheatreDDigital are donating the venue.  100% of proceeds will benefit the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association for hurricane relief.  Tickets are available at Soundscapes, and the theatre box office on the day of the show.

Brian Gordon Sinclair is considered to be the foremost dramatic interpreter of Ernest Hemingway in the world today. Brian is the author of a six play epic detailing and illuminating the life and literature of Ernest Hemingway in equal measures. The plays are written under the overall title of Hemingway On Stage: The Road to Freedom and each play, in sequence, has its own unique title: Sunrise – The Early Years, The Lost Generation, Death in the Afternoon, The Man-Eaters, The Death Factory and In Deadly Ernest. These plays provide an intimate insight into the circumstances which shaped the famed author’s life and inspired him in his writing. They are must-see productions for anyone intrigued by the life and death of Ernest Hemingway. 

Hemingway’s HOT Havana is a separate, special edition play created primarily as a rousing adventure tale. Presented originally, in part, in Havana before an invited audience that included Sir Terence Conran and his wife (who graciously played the part of the bear), the play is intended to function as a stand-alone performance. 

“Sinclair masterfully cedes the stage to Hemingway and the author’s multifaceted personality…He understands Hemingway’s strengths as well as vulnerabilities and does him justice…He (Sinclair) reaches into the writer’s soul and becomes him.”

The Miami Herald

Hemingway’s HOT Havana is a bold, rousing, adventure tale brought to life by author, director and master storyteller, Brian Gordon Sinclair. 

This photo, shot on location in Cuba, by famed photographer Sven Creutzmann, shows Brian Gordon Sinclair in Hemingway’s favourite bar and restaurant in Cojimar with dancing girls, musicians and, of course, daiquiris.  The bar, La Terraza, became part of the novella, The Old Man and the Sea

Hemingway’s HOT Havana is a superb one-actor show that will make you believe that Ernest Hemingway is standing right there in front of you.

The stories, originally performed in Cuba, can now be enjoyed live or in audio book format for your listening pleasure.

These are the stories of Hemingway’s HOT Havana:

  • Life and crime in Havana

  • The “Maestro” and writing

  • Jane Mason…kiss and tell

  • Baseball and Ava Gardner

  • The great, blue river

  • La Floridita

  • Pirates of Havana Harbour

  • Shark attack

  • Lions, bears and banderillas

  • Drinking with Hemingway

  • Sinking German U-boats

  • Winning the Nobel Prize

  • Machakos fights the army

  • A shocking experience

Tickets are available at Soundscapes, and the theatre box office on the day of the show.  For further information call festivalXpress at (416) 785-6127 or (416) 785-0291 or email and mention "Hemingway's HOT Havana".

Ernest Hemingway in 1923.

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