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Here is an historical photo montage of The Royal - your neighbourhood cinema and music hall!  Constructed between 1937 and 1939 The Royal was always a multi-purpose event centre, and is located in what is today known as Little Italy.


Featured in the montage are two important women who factored in its genesis.  The first, impresario Ray Lewis Levinsky was Toronto's first woman theatre owner - she was known publicly as Ray Lewis!  The other, acclaimed British stage and screen actress Anna Neagle is featured casting her shoeprint in concrete during the construction of the (then Pylon) theatre in 1937.  This "moment in time" was unearthed during the recent lobby restoration and is now on view!


Today the theatre is operated by TheatreD Digital which provides picture editing, sound mixing and colour correction services for the motion picture industry by day.  During the evening the venue continues to operate as a cinema for film festivals.  This year alone we will have played host to more than 120 evenings of film festivals - from Reel Asian to Hot Docs to the Brazilian, Humber, Ryerson, EUFF and dozens more!


Now, after a $2.5 million restoration, The Royal will once again serve as an incubator for talented young musical and theatrical performers who are drawn to the energy of Toronto for a chance to channel their creativity and hone their talents - in hopes of broadcasting to the world beyond!


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Think of The Royal as an acoustically perfect, 400 seat, live recording studio with the most sophisticated mix console on the market, an extendable stage and full 3D and HD television and recording capabilities; the creative mind will immediately conjure up a kaleidoscope of potential!


Seeing is believing - here is a clip of a live to tape television concert recorded at The Royal - see the potential?


Here it is:  Justin Hines - for PBS

Bring your gear - let us showcase your genius!

Here's Justin Hines and the Canadian Tenors at the Royal Theatre


Here are The Sadies - At The Royal Theatre

Spotlight TV - Johanna Luna interviews Julie Valdes Alvarez and Geoff Pickering
CineCuba 2013



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