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In January, 1952 Ernesto "Che" Guevara began a motorcycle journey and personal exploratory that originated in his native country of Argentina, and which would ultimately manifest in Cuba where he was an instrumental figure in the 1959 overthrow of the puppet dictator Battista. 

After the Revolution, during a period of transition that saw the nationalization of virtually all multi-national owned industries and agricultural lands, "Che" held a number of senior positions in the new Government, as a trusted ally of President Fidel Castro.

The ensuing events would change the political landscape of the globe forever, factor materially in the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, affect the outcome of all US elections thereafter, and impact US - Soviet relations during the remaining 30 years of the Cold War, until the collapse of the USSR and the Berlin wall in 1989.
Che's assassination in Bolivia in 1967 during the hippie movement, Vietnam War, protest era, and inner-city violence throughout America elevated him to cult hero status, and today the iconic image of "Che" seen on t-shirts through the world has had the effect of making his the second most recognized countenance on the planet!

Che's diaries have been translated into many languages, and the Motorcycle Diaries is one of the world's most widely read books.  Many films and documentaries have been made about "Che" including Steven Soderbergh's two part epic "Che", which underscores the popular wisdom that no-one gets two revolutions in a lifetime, at least not successful ones!

The irony of Che's enigmatic demise and failure to ignite the Bolivian peasantry into their own revolution has engendered a plethora of speculation as to whether or not it was a harbinger of things to come, foretelling the ultimate failure of the Cuban experiment in repelling multinational encroachment and its ties to the military industrial complex as so eloquently put by Dwight D Eisenhower upon his departure from the office of the presidency in 1961.
Or alternatively that martyrdom for the cause of collectivism and advancement of the underclasses would not be in vain!

So much propaganda has been churned out by the anti-Castro press, centred primarily in Miami and Washington DC, that it is hard to determine whether Michael Moore's "Sicko" was just a puff piece or had basis in fact.

"Cuba Diaries, POV" is a point of view reality documentary which features four young explorers from Germany, Italy, Spain, and Quebec as they seek to find the answer to the enigma that is Cuba.

Initially our latter day itinerants are torn between the negativity and fear-mongering of the right wing press in America, and the romantic notion that there should and perhaps is a better way of living in harmony on this planet.
And while Michael Moore barely skimmed the surface, Cuba Diaries, POV and its modern day explorers delve deep into the fabric of Cuba, revealing just what makes it so different from virtually all other modern day societies. 

They explore and investigate why it was named by the World Wildlife Federation as the ONLY nation boasting an economically sustainable model, why it has one of the best medical systems in the world, THE highest doctor-to-patient ratio of all nations, one of the best education systems and highest literacy rates, and is a top tier country in terms of life expectancy. 

All this and a populace that despite having nothing (materially), and no prospect of ever having anything in this regard is generally happy, healthy, generous and sharing, is debt free, boasts an infectious sense of humour, is politically aware, patriotic, and enjoys a rich and ever evolving cultural and musical heritage. 

Best exemplified by the harmonious coexistence of modern and traditional medicines, and even voodoo and witchcraft, Cuba is a place where two worlds don't collide; rather, they converge and merge.

Cuba Diaries, POV introduces a new paradigm to the art of reality documentary filmmaking, as the four multi-lingual cyclists are equipped with the latest in head-cams, all synched to the chase vehicle camera, which offers a "fifth eye" objectivity and perspective.  All as they delve into the sights, sounds and rhythms that make up the mosaic of history, art, music, culture, sport, and daily routines that defines Cuba.

Not intended in any way to be a superficial account of the Cuban dream, Cuba Diaries, POV may neutralize the anti-Castro American bias but it will not shy away from or overlook the human cost of revolution, the embargo, and the resulting suffering and poverty that many Cubans suffer on a daily basis.

"Vive la Revolucion" and "Patria o Muerte" slogans that are ever present reveal their true meaning as our modern day romantics dig deep to see what lies at the heart of this rebellious nation, what is the secret to the magic of Cuba that has the whole world watching in suspense, rooting for the underdog?

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