La Colmenita

Critically acclaimed, world-renowned youth troupe, La Colmenita, visit Canada for the first time.


Founded on the idea that every child should get to experience the feeling of being centre stage and receiving a round of applause, La Colmenita, or ‘The Little Beehive’, is a cultural and artistic project made up of performers between the ages of five and 14.


“The focus is all about the kids,” says founder and director Carlos Alberto Cremata Malberti. “If a spectator looks up to see the lighting and sound technicians, they will see children beside them.”


The goal of the internationally acclaimed children’s theater troupe is to use dance, music and acting as a way to develop each child’s creativity so they can achieve their greatest potential, individually and as a group. Their success has inspired “beehives” all over the world.


Twenty years after humble beginnings, similar childrens’ theater companies have opened in Spain, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.


“All of the world’s children belong to La Colmenita,” says Malberti.  In 2007, La Colmenita became the first and only theatre group in the world to be recognized as Goodwill Ambassadors by UNICEF for all of the good work they have done on behalf of and with children.


Malberti continues to drive the project forward by taking the theater group to schools for children with visual or auditory challenges, as well as to children with Down’s syndrome, cancer, learning difficulties and cerebral palsy, as a form of therapy.


La Colmentia puts a charming Cuban twist on classic songs by the Beatles and childhood tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland; singing and acting to the rhythmic sounds of Caribbean music.


Through a shared vision for peace and harmony and with a powerful and emotional cabaret of song and dance, these bilingual young stars will move and inspire everyone to ‘give peace a chance.’


The Cuban Embassy in Canada is thankful for your support in this important endeavour; please "Bee" a goodwill ambassador and help spread the word.

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The full length video, "Essence, la Colmenita in the United States"

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