Dear friends of the Royal Canadian Circus Spectac!™ 2017,

Thank-you for purchasing tickets to join in the family fun and acrobatic thrills of our 2017 production on May 12-14, scheduled for Concord Pacific Place, among other locations in the Lower Mainland.  This will be the first family oriented, family priced, traditional Big Top circus in Vancouver in years.

The Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!™ 2017 showcases a multicultural cast of circus families, a tradition that goes back centuries.  Part of the attraction is that attending families revisit the values of hard work, perseverance, and cooperation, as our "performers of all ages" wow "children of all ages”.  And although there are no endangered species in the show, perennial favourites with the kids are the remarkable Liberty performing horse troupe and the acclaimed Dominguez dogs, formerly with Ringling Brothers.



So, please congratulate the folks at Concord Pacific Place and WestPark on hosting the Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!™ 2017, and that you appreciate their leadership role in allowing the public to enjoy this remarkable experience, right here in downtown Vancouver.‎

By clicking on the poster (above), you will help us as it will automatically send the below "thank-you" email on your behalf to each of the following:

Concord Pacific:




& cc'd to myself Joseph Bauer, ringmaster:‎

Here is the text of the email:

“My family and I support Concord Pacific Place hosting the Royal Canadian family Circus Spectac!™ 2017. We bought tickets and can’t wait to see the show. Thank-you for making it possible for us to be able to see a traditional show like this, under the Big Top, right here in the heart of Vancouver!"

Thanks again for your participation; see you at the circus!

Joseph Dominick Bauer,



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